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Relating informations on Biomass Asia 2006

     Report on the Investigations

     Meeting on the Investigations

Relating informations on Bimass Asia Forum (Jan. 19, 2006)
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    International Conferences

                                           This homepage was established based on the business “The Investigation and
                                                                 Technological Exchange Projects Concerning Sustainable Agriculture and
                                                                 Environmental Problems of 2006” entrusted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
                                                                 and Fishery.
                                                                 The purpose is reinforcement of cooperation among a person engaged in promotion
                                                                 of the use of biomass in an Asian region.
                                                                 This homepage will be used as information network media between the people
                                                                 concerned in future.                                                      (December 20, 2006)